hi, i'm ari! you can also call me by any names on my i'm 15, and my main identities are aroallo, gendersatyr, and pan-qp gay.
i'm an artist, i have anxiety, and i'm neurodivergent.
i'm not fully human! i'm demonkin.

full pronoun sets!

  • he/him/his/his/himself

  • they/them/their/theirs/themself

  • he/hell/hells/hells/hellself

  • de/dem/demons/demons/demonself

  • dae/daem/daes/daes/daeself

  • sin/sin/sins/sins/sinself

bolded are favs, underlined are hyperfixations!


hermitcraft/mcyt, markiplier, minecraft, danganronpa, maximum ride, unus annus, the sims, kamp koral, icarly, powerwashing


green day/the longshot, my chemical romance, mother mother, queen, the beatles, tally hall, bo burnham, wilbur soot/lovejoy, lemon demon, idkhow, jack stauber, cavetown, penelope scott, noahfinnce, rare americans, red hot chili peppers, the offspring, anti-flag



  • i'm supportive of all good faith identities, both lgbtq and mogai

  • i post nsfw stuff, but i don't tend to tag it

  • i may reclaim slurs (f + t), but very rarely

  • i may post/reblog stuff about fandoms i'm not in, check to see if i post about them often first

  • i need tone tags! please try not to overuse them (i.e. putting /pos after every sentence)

  • i am not very likely to answer dms, if you need something please say it right away

  • i will talk about how much i hate dsmp. if you don't like that go away


  • basic criteria (homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist, etc)

  • anti mspec and/or pronoun nonconforming lesbians/gays

  • exclus

  • any creeps (proship, pedo, fujo, etc.)

  • cis people that think it's okay to say tr*p (trans people are on thin ice) (explanation)

  • right wingers/trumpies

  • cishets /hj

  • defend problematic creators

please dm me to ask what i need tagged!

i will block if anything else makes me uncomfortable

pls interact if you'll send me pics of raccoons, possums, and cats (especially hairless or fluffy cats!!)

pls interact!!

mlp artists, people who share my music taste, people who will send me pics of raccoons, possums, and cats (esp hairless or very fluffy cats!), hermitcraft fans